22-foot-long python swallowed a 54-year-old woman whole in Indonesia! (*Warning* Graphic)

A 22-foot-long #python swallowed a 54-year-old woman whole in #Indonesia and a shocking video captured the moment when her remains were discovered.

Police told CNN Indonesia that a search was initiated after the victim, only identified as Jahrah, failed to return home after collecting rubber in the forest near her family home in Jambi province on Sunday.

Betara Jambi Police Chief AKP Herafa told the outlet that the victim’s husband searched the area but found only her sandals, headscarf, jacket, and knife.

The next day, he and a search party returned to the same area, where they came across the giant snake with a swollen midsection.

The video shows that while one volunteer held the python’s head down with a branch, others proceeded to bash it over the swollen area.

A disturbing portion of the video shows villagers cutting the python’s belly and revealing what officials believe to be the swallowed body of the missing grandmother. Posted by Tado

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Uploaded on October 26th, 2022
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