An old man by the name of Homer, decided this day would be the day that he expresses his lifelong feelings against Black People!

Back Storry: Today at @dillards in @northparkcenter Mall an older male BY THE NAME OF HOMER, decided today would be the day that he expresses his lifelong #HATE for #BlackPeople. ⁣

The Black Man in this video (Who spoke so eloquently and respectful) wanted to try on an item. He asked Homer (white @dillards associate) where’s the fitting room? Homer pointed the man in the direction and as Homer walked away he said, “Fvcking N***ers”. The man’s 10 year old boy and an adult accompanying the child heard him say it as he walked past. The parents were told and the man went to find a manager to address HOMER but was told (by another associate) that a manager wouldn’t be available until Tuesday. So, the man went to address Homer (as you can see in the video) and Homer admitted it but he said, he said it “BECAUSE HE HIT HIS KNEE & HE DIDNT KNOW HE WAS STANDING THERE”. Now when those nasty words fell from his #HATEFUL lips, he was walking past clothing racks with shirts on them (not where he was standing during the recording). Now if a @poloralphlauren shirt hanging from a rack, hit your leg 🙄 what does that have to do with calling A BLACK MAN a “FVCKING N****er”? So not only are we “FN’s”, we’re “DUMB ONES” too. ⁣

Homer states, “He’s been with the company 20 years” & Im pretty sure he didn’t just become a racist today & has (more than likely) comfortably expressed his hate for black people before. ⁣

Unfortunately, a 10 year old male was exposed to how cruel this world can be towards him BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN but his father showed him the right way to handle the situation, gracefully. ⁣

S/N After he said It, I pulled my camera out and I have video of him constantly walking by turning his face up. That’s how I got “the cover photo”. That was his “MUG” since we walked in his area. Posted By Chill

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Uploaded on July 28th, 2022
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