Bicycle mob is caught on camera smashing cars and terrorizing drivers!

Manhattan, New York (ABCNY) — A mob of cyclists went the wrong way up a Manhattan street to reportedly attack drivers along the way.

The cyclists pounded the car of an Uber driver at the very least five times, popping wheelies and cutting off moving cars.

Eyewitness News spoke to a driver, ‘Tim,’ who has a mess to clean up after the mob targeted his car. He says if he had been stuck in traffic and was not able to gun it, he is certain the violence would have escalated.

“As he was coming towards me, I honked the horn, because he was looking in a different direction, so I want him to be able to know I was there, so he didn’t hit the car. So then when I told him that, he got belligerent,” Tim said.

Four cyclists are seen in dash cam video, but the NYPD says there must have been more than a dozen cyclists breaking every traffic law imaginable in Chelsea on Saturday afternoon around 4 p.m.

“So then another dude came and I was talking to him – he kicked the side of the car, but I rolled the window down and talked to him. The other guy came, he punched me in the face from outside while I was sitting in the car,” added Tim.

The driver of a Chevy said they smashed his car, and another car got trashed – a black Honda Accord. The owner of the Accord is an Uber driver who was able to flag down a patrol officer.

Uploaded on February 5th, 2018
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