Black Students At Whitney Young High School Show The Kind Of Racism They Have To Deal With From The Principal And Other Students!

Back story: I don’t be on here like that, haven’t made a post in so long but THIS is necessary. When I say I DON’T want my family at my graduation, don’t take offense to that. I just don’t want y’all to see me walk across a stage full of racist, prejudice, coons such as majority of the faculty and staff here at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. We, as a school community, are so fed up and disgusted with the way our dean of students AND principal silence us on situations that are a threat to our very existence. Many of the students of color do not feel safe walking the halls, including myself, because here at Whitney Young, it is okay for any students to say “nigger” or “nigga”, it’s okay for students to form a group chat saying they’ll lynch the black kids in our school, and APPARENTLY our dean is justifying the Trayvon Martin shooting (Below) and also another student, WHO ISN’T BLACK, saying nigga by saying “since its (the word nigga) reclaimed why can’t we ALL say it” Cause “we all” aren’t black and “we all” didn’t endure the hardships the black race has had to go through and in fact still going through now. We are fed up y’all. And y’all think this school is so perfect?! I wouldn’t recommend sending any child there ESPECIALLY not one of color and ESPECIALLY if daddy don’t have money to toss around for you to be accepted and held to a higher position as the rest of us.

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Uploaded on March 17th, 2018
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