Caught On Camera: Police Officer Throws This Sorority Girl To The Ground Hard!

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Patrons at Colorado bar were treated to an impromptu WWE-style showdown after a 22-year-old sorority girl was brutally body slammed by a police officer that she allegedly struck.

Local reports indicate that the cops were called to Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins after onlookers noticed Michaella Surat fighting with her boyfriend. Footage from the incident shows a male officer holding Surat’s forearms as she struggles to get out of his grasp.

After several moments of struggling, the cop finally went for the takedown, viciously yanking down her left arm while pushing her head down with his right arm. Surat slams onto the ground face first, and when she tries to get up, the officer and his partner keep her on the floor.

While the Fort Collins Police Department claims that the officers acted appropriately for a case in which a suspect allegedly assaulted an officer, others believe that the cop should have taken Surat’s non-imposing stature into consideration.

Surat was jailed on one count each of third degree assault and obstructing a peace officer; she was later released after posting $1,750 bond. Authorities plan to review body cam footage to determine whether the police officers involved should face disciplinary action.

Uploaded on April 10th, 2017
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