Clumsy Bank Robber Drops Money As He Rides Bike Away From The Scene Of The Crime!

Police are on the lookout for a bumbling bank robber who accidentally made it rain on an already-rainy day. Surveillance video captured the moment when the robber’s wad of cash spilled out all over the sidewalk, forcing him to stop his getaway bicycle (seriously) to pick it up.

The incident took place in York, Pennsylvania after the man entered the Members 1st Federal Credit Union at around 2:00 pm on Thursday and ordered tellers to hand over cash. He was apparently unarmed, but the employees complied regardless, giving him an undisclosed sum.

Later, the man could be seen riding down the sidewalk on a bicycle when a sudden bump causes his misbegotten haul to tumble out of his pocket and onto the damp sidewalk. It takes him several moments to realize his error, but when he does, he quickly turns around and starts collecting the cash in fistfuls.

He doesn’t even get all of it before jogging back over to his bike and riding away. Now, police are hoping that the public can help identify the robber after an hours-long search – which saw authorities order lockdowns of nearby schools and community centers – turned up dry.

Uploaded on April 10th, 2017
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