CNN’s Cop Apologist Stubbornly Ignores The Science In Panel On Black Man’s Arrest For “Stealing” His Own Car!

A conversation about race between a former police officer Harry Houck and Marc Lamont Hill turned into a shouting match on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The two discussed Northwestern University student Lawrence Crosby’s recent lawsuit after his violent arrest for stealing his own car. Hill began the conversation by explaining that he’s been accused of stealing his own car multiple times. It is a frequently used tactic by police to arrest people of color, he explained. Police also say “stop resisting,” Hill explained, so they can create a justification for the use of force. Houck maintained that Crosby was, in fact, resisting arrest, but Hill asked how that could be possible when the man was holding his arms up outside of his car. Hill commented that the officers were beating him but Houck argued that it isn’t beating someone when an officer is “punching him to make them submit.”

Uploaded on January 16th, 2017
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