Customer Gets Mad And Pull Out A Gun On Her Beautician Because She Didn’t Give Her A Discount For Rescheduling Her Hair Appointment!

Been busy these past couple of days but i been meaning to post this..
I had a client who scheduled an appointment with me for a bob sew In.. for may 20th @2pm she booked it May 19th which is a day before her appointment. I respond within 24hrs (which is on my policy) so i do not allow clients to book
within a 24hr time frame .. I prefer 3-2 days prior. Now with her being a client i serviced at least 3 times before I didn’t cancel I just asked if she could come at 4:30pm instead & she said okay.

She came on time, & i got straight to her head.. instead of a sew in we both agreed for her to get a bob qw due to her hair condition which left her with a remainder of $45 to pay. When i finished her hair she asked if she could get a discount for rescheduling her.. i told her no, due to such short notice of booking. She said ok was gonna cash app.. as I’m sweeping hair off the floor i realized she still didn’t send the money.. so I asked what was the problem she said she didn’t feel she should send me the remainder of $45.. at this point we locked her in the shop because I’m firmly standing on the remaining balance & she wouldn’t be able to leave until I received my money.. after 10-15 mins of being locked in ..
she didn’t pay her remaining balance instead she pulled out a gun cocked it back & pointed it at me.
Do not service her!
Edit: police were on the phone when we were locking her in! Posted by Tado

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Uploaded on May 23rd, 2021
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