“We don’t tip white ppl, LOL” message written on receipt!

Cardova, Tennessee (WREG) That hateful message was written on a receipt and left for a message for a Memphis server during his shift on Sunday.

Now people in the community are rallying around the man after his friend posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook, which is getting a lot of attention.

Brandy Sciara saw the horrible, racist message on her phone when her friend Nathan Bergeron sent her a picture of the receipt a couple left him during his shift at on the border Mexican Grill at near Wolfchase.

“I was absolutely devastated and so sad for him,” said Sciara.

And to make matters worse, Brandy says Nathan sleeps in his car and he’s working to get money for an apartment.

“I’ve seen Nathan, he’s counting his dollars and trying to add it up to see if he has gas to make it to work the next day,” said Sciara. “He’s not going to tell you how it really makes him feel, he’s just hoping he has a couch to sleep on the next day.”

Uploaded on July 20th, 2017
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