Friends Allegedly Claimed The Woman Fighting With No Clothes Died From Alcohol Poisoning While In Cabo, But Medical Report Shows Something Else!

Shanquella was found dead in Mexico, her spine was cracked and neck broken, her friends say she had alcohol poisoning
Still no criminal charges have been filed in the mysterious October 30, 2022 death of Shanquella Robinson, 25. Shanquella is originally from Charlotte, NC but she was found dead on vacation in Cabo, Mexico while she was with her friends. Now, new details show that Shanquella had a broken neck and a cracked spine.
Shanquella was on vacation with several of her friends in Cabo. The group was partying and drinking having a good time. But at some point Shanquella mysteriously ended up dead.
Shanquella’s friends called her family to tell Shanquella’s mother that Shanquella was dead. Shanquella’s friends initially said that she died from alcohol poisoning. Another friend had a different story, according to the family.
Shanquella’s family says that all of her friends on the trip had a different story as to how Shanquella died.
A cause of death has not been ruled yet. Shanquella’s family had to pay $6,000 to get her body flown back to the United States. Medical reports state that Shanquella had a broken neck and a cracked spine at the time of her death. Her family says she was beat do death. The medical reports further show that Shanquella’s death had nothing to do with alcohol, per her family.
Still Mexican authorities refuse to press charges on anyone. Posted by Toma

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Uploaded on November 15th, 2022
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