Frisco High School Student Punch A Man Trying To Stop A Peaceful Protest!

Original story: I’m an independent documentary journalist and have covered many walks and protests in the past. The peaceful student walkout in Frisco Independent School District at Centennial High School turned violent when an unnamed man approached screaming, cursing, and getting into people’s faces. You can tell by this video he approached us looking for a fight. He assaulted me. He grabbed my camera attempting to break it and wouldn’t let go. He broke my monopod. That’s when one student got in-between us trying to break us apart and then another student punched the man and a fight broke out. It’s very sad that these kids had to endure this violence when all they were doing were standing up for what they believe in, an end to gun violence. See the TRUTH behind what happened today.

Uploaded on April 23rd, 2018
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