Frustrated Man Completely Loses His Mind After His Credit Card Is Declined!

Police in Santa Ana, California are on the lookout for an irritable man who grew so frustrated that his credit card was declined that he attacked the cashier and caused extensive property damage.

Surveillance footage shows the customer finding himself locked in a verbal argument with a cashier about his card not going through. He tries to swipe it again, but his body language makes it clear that the attempt was unsuccessful.

That’s when the suspect strikes: he can be seen leaning back slightly before launching an awkward sucker punch at the cashier that ends up being more of an open-palm head grab. As the employee clears the scene, the enraged customer pushes several electronics onto the ground in a fit of rage.

On his way out of the store, the guy grabs some bananas and throws them at the other cashier before knocking his register on the ground. In all, the convenience store owner had to fork over $700 to fix the damaged items.

Uploaded on April 6th, 2017
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