He Has 48 Kids, What Will His Blind Date Think?

SPERM DONOR Kyle Gordy, 31, from LA, has fathered 48 children in multiple countries – with 10-11 babies on the way. Kyle started donating his sperm when he was 22 and he decided to help out a lesbian couple he knew as they were uncomfortable using traditional sperm banks and wanted to know their child’s biological father. He then began promoting his free service on Instagram and has been contacted by a lot of women wanting his sperm. But despite the fact that his sperm is in great demand, Kyle said that it is difficult to find that special someone as most women are not interested in dating him. He told Truly: “I’ve told women before what I do and typically they’re not interested after that point.” Today Kyle is going on his first ever blind date, meeting 27-year-old digital merchandiser and content creator, Urszula. Will Urszula accept Kyle’s lifestyle choice?

Uploaded on August 9th, 2022
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