He Though It Was Funny: This Woman Allegedly Died In A Car Due To An Allergic Reaction She Had While Eating Food In Atlanta!

Backstory From FB: Bro this Former Kansas City man is supposedly laughing at his dead friend who had a allergic reaction and passed while in the car. You can hear his flunkies in the car laughing with him. Tee Millian took to his Facebook account and said “This girl was kicking it with us for a weekend in ATLANTA and literally DIED when we was going to the airport because her oxygen tubes closed up due to an allergic reaction she had to food she ate chileee”. He say he posted it because he didn’t want her family accusing him. People around the world is calling Terrion or whatever the boy name is a murder and a sick ho. Idk it just gave a weird vibe. Posted By Toma

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Uploaded on March 28th, 2022
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