He’s 17 & Make $100k A Month!

MAKING $100,000 a month as a teen is something most dream of, but one young entrepreneur has made it a reality. Pierce Woodward started his own business making rings out of vintage spoons in his parent’s garage after dropping out of high school at 16. The Florida teen has since seen huge success, upgrading from a garage to an entire brand house and making rings for social media giants such as Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio, and Jules LeBlanc. Pierce told Truly: “I’ve had a goal since I was a little kid to save up six figures by the time I was 18. I finally have been able to accomplish that. The coolest thing about having money is just knowing I can do anything I want whenever I want. But I always want to do more and more and more and keep building bigger and bigger and bigger.” The enterprising 17-year-old has already managed to buy a house for his family, as well as three cars for himself, including a supercharged Range Rover, a Maserati, and a convertible Mustang. He conducts all his marketing through social media and has built up around d 160,000 followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on Tik Tok. Recently, Pierce was able to give his mum $50,000 in cash to go and buy her dream car – a convertible Corvette.

Uploaded on May 22nd, 2021
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