Horrifying Moment Terrible Driver Slams Into Police Officer And Motorist!

Horrifying Moment Terrible Driver Slams Into Police Officer And Motorist а routine traffic stop in Wyoming nearly turned into a double homicide after a reckless driver plowed right into an unsuspecting police officer and motorist.

Dashcam footage from the shocking incident shows Officer Ryan Silvis responding to the scene of a car accident involving a 23-year-old woman whose truck skidded off the road. That’s when things turned horrifying.

“When I was talking to her, at the last second out of the corner of my eye, I saw headlights,” said Silvis. “And my brain kind of went, ‘those aren’t supposed to be there.’”

A car suddenly careens into view and barrels into Silvis and the stranded woman, pinning her between her car and the guardrail and fracturing Silvis’s hip. Somehow, the tough-as-nails cop managed to get back to his cruiser and call for backup.

“After that I was kind of on auto pilot,” Silvis said. “I reached for my radio to call for more cars and call for an ambulance, and my radio was no longer there…When I stood up, I kind of looked down at my arms and legs and went ‘okay, they’re still where they’re supposed to be…”

Twenty-six-year-old Jeffrey Lee Huizinga faces one count of failing to use caution when passing an emergency vehicle; Silvis and the woman are still recovering from their injuries. Submitted by Toma

Uploaded on February 26th, 2017
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