Just trying to do his job: Security guard at fitness connection in Mesquite, tx. died after getting jumped by gym members over a basketball dispute!

A security guard working at Fitness Connection, in Mesquite, Texas, was attacked on Saturday and died.

Authorities haven’t disclosed much information about the incident. They are now trying to figure out exactly what caused the death of 43-year-old Patrick Prejean, that will be determined by a medical examiner.

Prejean’s relatives are displeased because police haven’t provided them with answers.

Police have said that an altercation occurred inside the Fitness Connection on Town East Boulevard, involving Prejean, who is the security guard at the location, and others in the gym.

It is unclear what happened as a fight ensued, but Prejean was transported to a medical facility where he died.

Family of Prejean’s stated that he had been employed at the gym since last summer. Many of his relatives learned of his death from a video posted on YouTube that showed Prejean’s last minutes alive.

“We are all numb because we can’t believe that he is gone and the way it happened. He has three boys that’s left without a father,” said his cousin, Michelle Hall.

Fitness Connection is working with authorities and has condemned the violence in its’ locations.

Some suspects have been identified, but no charges have been filed mostly due to the pending medical examiner’s report. Posted By Toma

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Uploaded on January 26th, 2022
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