Local Baton Rouge Artist Gets Into A Physical Altercation With A Twin Peaks Waiter After She Allegedly Poured Water On Her!

Human and Civil Rights Attorneys Ryan K. Thompson and Jessica F. Hawkins have been retained to represent Baton Rouge Artist Cali Kilo.

On July 31st , 2022, Baton Rouge artist Cali Kilo went to Twin Peaks on Siegen Lane to enjoy a meal and do some editing work on her computer. What was supposed to be a typical work lunch turned into several Twin Peaks staff committing several batteries upon her. This mistreatment cannot and must not go unchecked.

While Cali was working on her computer, a Twin Peaks employee walked to Cali’s booth and poured a pitcher of water upon her. That water subsequently spilled on her work computer. The employee quickly ran into the restaurant kitchen. Our client did not react. Cali maintained her composure, dried herself and the computer off and continued on for about another 15 minutes reflecting on what had just happened to her.

Minutes later, General manager Stephen Pitcher—whom Cali had complained of before for poor customer service—approached her in a very disrespectful and rude manner demanding that she leave the restaurant. Never addressing the prior battery that his employee had carried out upon her. Cali grabbed her things and began to leave.

As Cali was exiting the building, the employee who threw water upon her committed another battery upon Cali, which led to a physical altercation between Cali and several other Twin Peaks’ staff and management.

Shortly thereafter the unthinkable occurred: The General Manager placed Cali in a chokehold, whereby she could not breathe. Posted by Toma

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Uploaded on September 21st, 2022
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