Man Dies after Being Stabbed In the Face With a POOL CUE While Trying to Break Up Fight in Biker Bar!

Harrowing moment man dies after being stabbed in the face with a POOL CUE while trying to break up fight in biker bar

South African Ludi Vink was declared brain dead today after the horrendous assault inside a biker bar near Johannesburg.

CCTV footage from the bar caught the full horror of Vink’s last moments in Mitzy’s club on Tuesday night.

Vink had reportedly been trying to break up a fight when the attackers turned their attention to him.

One thug is seen picking up a cue from a pool table before walking towards his victim

And in a moment of barely believable cruelty, he plunges the weapon tip-first into Vink’s face.

The victim immediately collapses on the floor.

A second man walks up to the motionless Vink and removes the implement from his face.

South African police are yet to confirm whether the attacker has been arrested.

Vink’s mother posted a heartbreaking tribute to her son on Facebook this morning.

She wrote: “My heart is ripped out, my soul in pain. My darling, beautiful, kind son, Ludi Vink.

“So pointlessly and savagely ripped from me. Today 9am we say our last goodbyes. Every part of me is in pain …”

Uploaded on February 23rd, 2017
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