Man Hits Maintenance Worker With His Cell Phone For No Good Reason!

Police in New Jersey have released surveillance footage that shows the bewildering moment when a deranged man smacked a maintenance worker in the face with his cell phone. That was uncalled for!

The incident reportedly took place just before 9:00 am on Friday, when the maintenance supervisor noticed a man throwing sticks at a window. He ordered the man to leave the premises, but that only resulted in an argument breaking out.

After a heated exchange, the stick-thrower whipped out his cellphone and began filming the employee, placing the camera directly in his face as if to prove a point. When the worker tries to swat it away, the suspect pulls back and delivers a brutal blow to his head, knocking him backward onto the ground.

The dazed worker can be seen struggling to get back up as his assailant nervously wanders off; he later fled the scene in a silver vehicle, police say. The maintenance supervisor suffered minor injuries as a result of the cowardly attack.

Uploaded on April 10th, 2017
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