My Kids Help Me With My Modeling Career!

NEYLEEN, 33, from Miami, became a mum straight out of high school. Wanting to support her family, single mum Neyleen found that modelling on OnlyFans could make enough money to provide a good life for her children. The mum-of-two has been very open about her career with her two sons, Jordan and Brady. They understand that their mum works hard to give them a great life. The boys even help her with photoshoots during the school holidays. Despite this, many people are critical of her chosen career path, saying they feel sorry for Neyleen’s kids. But Neyleen says the reason she’s able to be so present in her children’s lives is because she works so hard at her career. She told Truly: “The minute I pick my kids up from school, I dedicate 100% of my time to them.”

Uploaded on April 24th, 2022
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