Off The Record: Large Professor on Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”

It’s been 24 years since “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”—the second single off Nas’ classic debut album ‘Illmatic’—started to attract clientele all over the world. But when Large Professor hooked up the beat, blending Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” with some drums off a Staley Clarke record, the legendary producer says his mind was firmly focused ion Queens.

“We were heavy New York, so we weren’t thinking about the globe,” LargePro recalls in our latest episode of Off the Record. “Yo. we do what we do. and we put it down. And we’re just thankful that the world received it and loved it.”

“We took the Michael Jackson joint and made it gritty,” he explains. “It was jovial but it was scuffed and just sounded so muddy.” As if that wasn’t enough, he turned around and flipped a remix. “Of course you can make a joint out of Michael Jackson,” says LP. “But now I’m gonna take you down to the hood.”

Uploaded on February 1st, 2018
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