paranormal activity: Family Can’t Explain None Of The Weird Stuff That’s Been Going On In Their Home!

Posted by Toma

Back Story:
I know it’s Christmas Eve but I need some assistance translating and getting an opinion. For the past few days our house that my grandfather, aunt, two cousins and myself have been living in has been “acting up”. We have been hearing noises, objects appear out of nowhere, they move around and yesterday all of our kitchen cabinets were left open. All doors were locked so no one could have gotten in and we tried to blame each other but then things got weirder. My two uncles came to pray and assured us that it is all in our minds but later that day I wasn’t convinced. We found this writing on our bathroom wall and due to stress my aunt fainted. She was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t breath. I don’t recognize the writing even with travel experience so can anyone recognize it? Maybe translate it for me? We have genuinely confessed that none of us have done it so at this point I’m convinced it’s something else. There was no time yesterday where our family was apart to “play a trick on each other”. This morning out of nowhere our bathrooms started flooding. Out of nowhere. We set up cameras last night and we have 6 hours worth of material. As a family of faith I know God will protect us but we’re terrified. Check out the video. We would appreciate any helpful advice.

Uploaded on December 29th, 2017
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