Property Owner Finally Check On His Home He Had To Evict A Tenant Out Of And This Is What hey Did Do It!

This is why rental property is hard to find. People would rather houses be vacant than deal with this.
I rented this for $425.00 a month. They fell behind in October. I did not want to evict during the holidays because of the children. I took possession today and I realized just how bad I failed those children. How a parent could let children live in such filth is beyond me?

To put it all perspective here is the end result: Tenant owes $2,125 back rent. I had to spend $91.00 to evict. The damage and clean up will be over $3,000.00. Lawmakers and leaders have turned their heads too long. Fair Housing will never be possible when this is allowed to happen and considered acceptable.

Posted by Toma

Uploaded on February 25th, 2018
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