Radio Host Quit Live On Air After An Argument With AN IG Model Over Baby Sitting Her Kids!

Danni Starr is one-third of the popular morning program The Fam in the Morning with co-hosts QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 (I know it sounds like I pulled those names out of the urban-radio-show-names grab bag, but trust me, they’re real). On a previous episode, Starr spoke about her recent babysitter issues and added that a woman who was a model and singer jumped in her DMs offering nanny assistance if the radio personality needed some help. Starr mentioned on the air that she wasn’t interested in hiring an attractive woman (Starr openly admits that the woman was attractive) around her home and—more importantly—her man.

On Thursday, things took a messy turn when Starr’s co-hosts reached out to the woman in question and invited the nanny-singer onto the studio for a live discussion. They confronted Starr about her lack of interest in hiring Rih-nanny the Modeling Babysitter, based on her looks. Posted by Toma

Uploaded on March 8th, 2018
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