Sad little Dog’s Sick and Appauling Mistreatment!

Katy, Texas (ABC13) A woman in Texas was horrified to see how her dog was treated during a grooming appointment at PetSmart.

Brooke Vowers of Katy posted video that another customer shared of her dog being handled roughly while it was being groomed.

“Just took my dog to get groomed and as I’m walking out this lady comes up to me and said she’s been waiting for an hour to see who’s dog this was because of how mean the groomer was to her,” Vowers posted.

PetSmart took swift action, firing the groomer.

The company issued the following statement: “This treatment is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The associate is no longer with PetSmart.”

Uploaded on February 4th, 2018
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