She An Adult Performer, Will Hrper Blind Date Care?

Adult model London Rose’s strict, religious upbringing was significantly at odds with her current lifestyle. When she was six-years-old London’s parents converted to Christianity and banned their daughter from going shopping, wearing makeup, nail polish and anything beauty related because, she was told, it was “against the bible”. London was not allowed to listen to the radio, watch TV and even go to a swimming pool and was made to wear hand sewn dresses that fell down to her calves. At the age of 18, London left the church and started working in the adult industry. But her job has brought challenges to her love life. London, now 34 and living in LA, always tells her dates what she does for a living right away but it makes dating hard so she doesn’t actively date. She hasn’t dated for years due to her job and fear of rejection. Today London is going on a blind date with Marcus – a 30-year-old photographer and actor from Los Angeles. Will the two hit it off?

Uploaded on August 2nd, 2022
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