She Married A 26-Year-Old Who’s Jailed For Life!

MONTREANNA and Manny started off as high school sweethearts before splitting when they were still at school. Years later, Montreanna found out that Manny had been sentenced to life in jail. Speaking to Love Don’t Judge, she revealed: “It was very hard for me. I understood that he didn’t deserve that and he doesn’t deserve that. I was just looking at his charges and looking at the situation and was like, that’s not him, what’s going on?” When she bumped into his cousin, Montreanna asked them to get Manny to call her and weeks later, he phoned. Montreanna gushed: “It felt like my heart was literally beating out of my chest. I just felt every single butterfly you could have on this earth in my stomach.” The pair got married at Manny’s jail after he proposed to Montreanna over the phone. However, Manny’s current sentence means that he’s behind bars for life and many question why Montreanna is sticking with her man. Today her mum, Comanetta, will be coming over to share her own brutal opinions on the relationship. Comanetta said: “When she first told me that she was getting back together with him. I was real sceptical. You need to think about the reality.” Despite the challenges and judgement that the couple face, Montreanna refuses to let the hate dictate their relationship. Reflecting, she said: “There’s nothing wrong to me with loving somebody. It doesn’t matter where he’s at, where he resides. I love someone.”

Uploaded on July 2nd, 2024
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