She Waist Train 10 Hours A Day To Get These Curves!

BECKY STALLION is the social media influencer whose natural assets have earned her an array of brand collaborations and admirers. Growing up in Louisiana but now residing in Dallas, Texas, Becky brings her southern charm to everything she does. Big thighs and hips run in the women of Becky’s family, and the nickname ‘stallion’ has been around for years. Becky told Truly: “Stallion is southern slang for big and fine! I got the name from guys around the way, always telling me “I’m built like one” so it’s sorta stuck and here I am today.” To help her along the way, Becky lives and breathes in her waist trainer to make sure she gets that extra pop in the hips. The main brand Becky works with is a fashion company – which is a blessing as finding clothes to cater for her body shape is a nightmare. Today, they have sent Becky some new outfits she has to promote and we see her work her magic in front of the camera.

Uploaded on May 29th, 2021
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