She Was A Lesbian, Now She’s Marrying An Older Man!

HONEY, 23, began dating Shawn, 51, after a chance encounter. “In 2018 we met at a vegan restaurant, we sat at the same booth and had a date we didn’t plan,” she explained. “We’ve been talking every day since.” They quickly fell for each other, despite the 28-year age difference. “It just felt right,” Shawn said. “I’d say it was love at first sight,” Honey agreed. Commenters criticised their partnership once they started opening up about their relationship online. “They assume sugar daddy, sugar baby,” Honey said. But this didn’t bother Shawn who conceded: “She is old enough to be my daughter.” Their match is even more unconventional, due to Honey’s past romantic preferences. “Before we got together I was a lesbian,” she explained. And despite their age gap, her family fully accepted Shawn. “They were never the biggest fan of me being a lesbian because my family is Haitian, Christian. It was never an issue on my end, even though he is older than me. They were just happy that future kids were happening.” The same couldn’t be said for Shawn’s loved ones, with many of his support network raising concerns. In this episode of Love Don’t Judge, the couple sit down to discuss the initial reservations of the family, with his cousin Dwain, and Dwain’s wife Carlette. When asked about their reservations about the relationship Carlette said: “It could be a recipe for disaster. Not only is she a former lesbian but she’s a lot younger than him. And I feel in a way, she’s been somewhat attracted to me.” But after a heated conversation with the age-gap couple Carlette admitted: “I really like Honey, I think you are a great person. I love you both.” Whatever others think, Shawn knows that his love for Honey is real, and disregards criticism from the outside world: “To people who like to judge us, judge yourself, look at your own life. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, could you take being judged?”

Uploaded on June 8th, 2024
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