She Was Finally Able To Look Past His Size!

LEXIE and Kobe started off as besties, but soon realised there was more to their friendship and fell in love. Their mixed-weight relationship has endured plenty of judgement over the years. Speaking to Love Don’t Judge, Lexie revealed: “Most of the judgement we get is fat jokes. How did you get her? She’s only after you for your money. She doesn’t like you for real.” Reflecting on the hate that Kobe has received over his weight, he said: “I feel like people believe that larger people shouldn’t be with anybody and skinny people should be with skinny people.” Despite the scrutiny, the loved-up pair aren’t fazed and have even started making cash from the judgement. Lexie concluded: “As long as you keep putting money in my pocket, I don’t care what you’ve got to say. You can keep with the judgemental stuff.”

Uploaded on July 5th, 2024
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