She’s A Tattooed Model Looking For Love!

Being covered in tattoos means model Orylan is used to getting a lot of attention but when it comes to dating, Orlyan says it’s not been so easy to find someone. Orylan got the majority of her tattoos and other body modifications, like permanent fangs, in the past couple of years, following a troublesome relationship with an ex-boyfriend. The 23-year-old Texas-based model and dancer credits her transformation with helping her embrace herself and now, more than ever, she feels comfortable in her own skin. The OnlyFans model has been single for half a year and is looking for someone who will love her for who she is, tattoos and all. Today Orylan is going on a blind date with Darius – a 34-year-old customer education manager. Neither Orylan nor Darius have any idea about the person who will be sitting across the table from them – will these two hit it off?

Uploaded on July 12th, 2022
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