Shocking Footage Of Caretaker Slapping Elderly Woman For Feeding Her Dog!

Footage of a female caretaker beating a defenseless 94-year-old woman for tossing scraps of her food to her dog has gone viral. “I told you to stop feeding that dog that human food!” the woman can be heard screaming at the nonagenarian before delivering a sickening slap to the back of her head.

The caretaker continues to grill the elderly woman as to why she fed the dog human food and smacking her over and over again when she does not answer. She then unleashes a tirade of cuss words at the poor woman as she orders her to go to bed.

According to police, the elderly woman’s family decided to install cameras and ended up catching the abuse the very next day. Authorities are searching for caretaker Brenda Floyd, 65, in relation to the horrifying video. Floyd was hired through the website, which closed her account as soon as they found out about the abuse. She now faces charges of assault or bodily injury to the elderly or disabled. Submitted by Toma

Uploaded on January 25th, 2017
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