Smh: Enraged Florida Cop Tries to Taunt Man into Hitting Him!

It started over an argument between a father and a son in Central Florida that resulted in the cops being called.

Orlando police arrived and determined that no crime had been committed, but a cop named Sanchez took an extreme dislike to the son and began berating him.

Ryan Romasco said he began recording after the cop placed his hands on him.

The video, posted below, shows Romasco sitting in the passenger’s seat of his father’s vehicle with the cop ordering him to step out and walk back to his hotel room, which was 10 miles away.

Romasco, who lives in West Palm Beach, and was in Orlando helping his father run his store, did not believe the cop had the right to order him away.

For police, it should have been a routine call as they deal with domestic disputes daily. In this case, it was only a verbal argument.

In a Facebook interview with Romasco, he says he does not even remember what they were arguing about because the incident took place in early January.

But for some reason, the Orlando cop named Sanchez took it extremely personal that Romasco was not bowing down to his every demand.

“Walk to the hotel, bitch!” Sanchez orders as he stands in the open door space of the car, blocking Romasco from stepping out.

“This is an active investigation, you’re going nowhere,” Sanchez yells.

“If you fucking try to pass me, motherfucker, I will fucking take you in for battery on an L.E.O.

“I will ruin your shit.”

Sanchez then pulls out his pepper spray canister and threatens to mace Romasco.

But Romasco did not take the bait, even though it was obvious Sanchez was doing his best to anger him into pushing him away, which would have led to a serious beatdown and felony charges.

The cop then threatened to call “county,” which is presumably the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, but Romasco said the cops left and nobody was arrested.

Uploaded on February 20th, 2017
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