Smh: Woman records sex act at Duval County Courthouse!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A video showing a woman performing a sexual act on a man inside the Duval County Courthouse during business hours has spread on social media and triggered an investigation.

We are not naming the woman involved or showing the graphic video since the woman is not facing charges as a result of the act that was caught on video, although she did post the video on her Twitter account.

It happened Tuesday morning on the fourth floor of the courthouse. The video clearly shows the sex act on a bench in the hallway outside Courtroom 401.

When first contacted Wednesday morning, the court administrator wasn’t aware of the incident, but launched an investigation after seeing the video of what happened.

Chief Judge Mark Mahon said he was disgusted by the acts he saw in the video. All they know is that the two people were not employees of the courthouse.

Since no one witnessed the act in person, it may not be a crime, said Gil Smith, News4Jax crime and safety analyst.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Integrity Unit, which looks into operations of court employees, is investigating.

The police report said the suspicious activity was observed by video surveillance.

According to the report, the activity consisted of a man and woman engaging in what appeared to be inappropriate behavior while the woman was at the courthouse for a 9 a.m. arraignment on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation.

Court records show she pleaded no contest.

Woman’s family disappointed, but not ashamed
The family of the woman captured on a camera inside the courthouse performing a sex act expressed disappointment after seeing the video.

David, her father who only wished to be identified by his first name, told News4Jax Wednesday night that he’s not ashamed of his beautiful daughter, but merely disappointed by the decision she made.

“I was working on my yard (and) I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom. When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked — very, very shocked.”

David said he wanted to set the record straight about his daughter, revealing that their relationship hasn’t always been the best. He also said his daughter is troubled and was incarcerated 10 years ago.

“For many years, we didn’t speak. But she’s my first born. I love her. I try and guide her, but she always brings up that I wasn’t there when she really needed me. So deep down I feel she’s doing it for the attention,” he said.

The father said her family is making a plea for someone to help.

“My mom’s hurt. My grandmother’s hurt. We are all hurt because we love (her). And we are trying to express how much we love her, but I think there is a wall up. I think she is hurt from the past,” he said. “I’m upset.”

Her grandmother, who wished to only be called Miss Evans, said the woman also has a young son.

“I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom. That’s very very upsetting to me. That’s what’s worrying me a lot this afternoon,” she said.

We to the woman’s house to see if she wanted to talk about the incident, but no one was home. She has since posted on social media that she does not want to discuss it.

Uploaded on February 2nd, 2017
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