Student Seen In Viral Video Was Not Defacing Deion Sanders Mural At JSU!

A mural of #DeionSanders at #JacksonStateUniversity was defaced. However, it was not by the student in the viral video.⁠

A video recently hit the internet of a student at #JSU wiping away a mural of Sanders. Many people speculated that the student was defacing the mural, but that was not the case.⁠

According to #TMZ, a rep for JSU says the student seen wiping the mural was attempting to clean it up, for which he previously got permission from the school’s administrators.⁠

The mural went up in October for football season and Homecoming and shows Sanders in a hoodie and hat. It remains unknown who the culprit behind the defacement is and when it exactly happened.⁠

The news comes just shortly after Sanders announced he was leaving JSU to become the head coach at Colorado. Sanders spent three seasons coaching the JSU football team going 27-5.⁠

Sanders received plenty of backlash for his decision. On Tuesday, ESPN personality Bomani Jones took shots at Sanders for his new job, saying that he “sold a dream.”⁠

“He sold a dream and then walked out on the dream. People have the right to be critical of that,” Jones said. “He explicitly said that God sent him to coach at an HBCU, so then when you leave, yeah, people are going to ask questions.”⁠

Since then, a few JSU recruits have denounced their commitment to the university. As we’ve previously reported, wide receiver Robert Lockhart, offensive tackle Jordan Hall, and defensive back Twan Wilson have announced they’re 100% open to recruitment. Posted by Toma

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Uploaded on December 9th, 2022
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