Surgery Transformed My Face Into An Instagram Filter!

SOCIAL media has inspired one influencer to transform his facial appearance in an effort to recreate the look of Instagram photo filters. Levi Jed Murphy recently underwent a lip lift, temporal brow lift, and Canthoplasty to alter the shape of his eyes and bring him closer to the ideal Instagram look he covets. Originally from Norwich, the young social media star moved to London to be with his boyfriend last year and has recently unveiled his new look to his hundreds of thousands of followers. The 23-year-old, who also gets fillers regularly and previously had Rhinoplasty, told Barcroft TV: “Instagram had a filter that made your face look like plastic surgery. When you’re about to take a picture and the filter comes off and you see the actual face, it’s kind of busted. “The filter lifted up your eyes and your lip, so I thought ‘this is literally an eye lift and lip lift’ and I got an eye lift and lip lift.”

Uploaded on December 11th, 2019
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