The Living Legend of Houston: Mattress Mack

If you live in Houston, you probably know Jim McIngvale as his alter-ego “Mattress Mack.” For almost four decades, Mack has been selling furniture in the greater Houston area through his business Gallery Furniture. Known for his energetic local TV commercials where the natural born huckster unleashed his famous tagline that Gallery Furniture would “Save you money,” Mack grew his business from being a series of tents along a highway into multiple, massive locations employing hundreds of people.

In addition to being known for his salesmanship, Mack is also known around town for his philanthropy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Jim opened his Gallery Furniture locations to people seeking shelter. Every year he gives away furniture to families in need and provides hot meals during the holidays. Most recently, Mack converted parts of his main Gallery Furniture location into a trade and high school, helping students who dropped out of public school gain an education. Mack is fixture of Houston and a true local legend.

Uploaded on January 26th, 2021
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