They say their Poly Relationship Is Not ‘Ungodly’!

JOEL, 24 and Mickey, 22, met as teenagers in 2015. They fell in love and went from high school sweethearts to life partners. Mickey always knew she was bisexual and was open with Joel about this throughout their relationship. In September 2020, Joel met Jaida, 22 on an app. The group began their interactions platonically, but then their relationship grew to a romantic place. Jaida had never seriously considered being in a polyamorous relationship before, she told Truly: “I was like how do they do that like, I can’t even handle one person like, imagine two.” The group has faced criticism for their lifestyle. Jaida’s family has found the relationship hard to accept due to their religious beliefs. The throuple has had people telling them that they’re ‘going to hell’ or that they’re ‘ungodly’.

Uploaded on April 18th, 2022
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