They take prayer out of school but they can’t take God out of you: College Students Pray For A Girl Trying To Commit Suicide At The Dorm!

Back story: So It’s crazy what I experienced last night , So I was in the Dorms in College chilling and talking to a couple people when we ended up hearing a girl screaming and crying outside the door with objects in her hand saying how she was going to or getting ready to kill herself , Do to the fact of feeling like she had no one and she had nothing to live for any longer so usually in this generation nowadays Youth would put her on Snapchat clowning her or laughing at the girl , So the cops ended up coming up and started asking her to stop what she was doing and was ready to strap her up and take her to the psych ward when out nowhere people started leaving there rooms and gathered around the girl told the Cops that they got this to leave her alone & that she lives on campus with them and rather they knew her or not they loved on this poor girl and the Youth instantly surrounded this Girl like a Wall and started Praying for her , Nowadays you don’t see stuff like this all you see is kids posting fights or posting videos of people bullying others and laughing about it ,these young people could of easily ignored the behavior outside and stayed in there rooms but instead they saved this girl life and let her know that she’s loved and welcomed on campus this really touched me & I only posted this because I feel like this should be videos and stories that needs to be heard and seen , I don’t know about y’all but this really touched me. Posted by Toma

Uploaded on September 2nd, 2018
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