Thief gets hit by car after stealing a mans wallet!

Rockville, Maryland (FOX5) — Montgomery County police are searching for a suspect who robbed a Ride On Bus passenger and was then struck by a car afterwards while trying to flee the area.

Police say the robbery happened in Rockville on April 13 at around 2:23 p.m. as the suspect and the 34-year-old male victim were sitting next to each other in the rear of the bus.

As the bus was traveling on East Gude Drive approaching Taft Street, officials say the suspect stole the victim’s wallet. A struggle ensued after the victim realized his wallet was stolen and he attempted to get it back. While the altercation was happening, the bus driver stopped the bus. The suspect then ran off the bus while the victim chased after him.

However, when the suspect tried to cross the street at East Gude Drive, he was sent flying into the air after being struck by a green-colored Subaru SUV. After falling to the ground, the suspect fled the scene.

Montgomery County police are also searching for the driver of the Suburu after failing to stay at the scene of collision. Police say there will not necessarily be charges for that driver and that they understand that person could have been very confused by what was happening.

Uploaded on April 22nd, 2018
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