Tucson AZ Police Officer Pulls Over His Chief!

Tucson police Chief Chris Magnus experienced what all drivers dread — the flashing blue-and-red lights in the rear-view mirror.

In a traffic encounter captured on a police body camera, a Tucson officer pulled over a dark-colored SUV for a red-light infraction only to learn that the driver was his boss.

According to the video the officer tells Magnus that he observed the SUV turn left onto North Alvernon Way from East Broadway after the light had turned red.

It was only after he walked up to the SUV that it appears the officer realized that it was Magnus, who was wearing his uniform.

Magnus is friendly with the officer, telling him that he thought the light was yellow when he had entered the intersection.

Repeatedly, he thanked the officer for doing his duty.

Magnus was in good spirits about the incident, telling the Star he was pretty sure the officer didn’t recognize him until after he had been pulled over.

He said the officer did the right thing by making the traffic stop, although Magnus maintains he still believes the light was yellow — noting he saw the officer in his patrol vehicle before making the turn.

After handing over his driver’s license and registration, Magnus was given a verbal warning by the officer.

Which, Magnus said, is exactly what the officer told him he often does in similar situations.

Uploaded on April 23rd, 2018
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