Police in Florida searching for a suspect in a brutal murder have released chilling surveillance footage showing a man getting shot 13 times in front of his girlfriend outside a seafood market on Tuesday.

Gary Wallock, 34, was walking to his car in the parking lot outside the Lobster and Seafood Warehouse in the 1800 block of Northwest 38th Avenue in Lauderhill at around 5.30pm when a man armed with a gun ran up to him from behind and opened fire.

The Lauderhill Police Department said the victim was shot 13 times, even after he collapsed to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Wallock’s girlfriend was with him at the time and witnessed his slaying but escaped unharmed.

Lt Gregory Solowsky, of the Lauderhill Police Department, said Wallock’s shooting was not a random act of violence.

‘You can say he was executed,’ he added, speaking to the Sun-Sentinel. The CCTV video released by the police on Thursday shows Wallock and his girlfriend emerging from the seafood market with a plastic shopping bag in hand and heading towards their parked Volkswagen Jetta.

Meanwhile, a man in a red T-shirt and baseball cap is seen lurking behind a silver SUV, seemingly playing on his cellphone.

When he spots Wallock and his girlfriend standing next to their car, the man in the red shirt sprints toward the couple, pulls out a gun and opens fire. According to police, the gunman fired at least 25 rounds at Wallock at a point-blank range, 13 of which hit the target.

In the video, Wallock crumples to the ground under the barrage of bullets, but the perpetrator continues pumping rounds into his body.

Meanwhile, the victim’s panic-stricken girlfriend flees in terror. As the woman runs away, the killer turn the gun in her direction and squeezes several rounds, but misses.

At one point, the woman trips over a concrete parking barrier and falls, which police said might have saved her life.

Wallocks’ girlfriend later returned to the parking lot, but by that time her boyfriend was beyond help.

Investigators believe the unidentified shooter was brought to the parking lot by another person driving a 2010 blue Nissan Altima with Florida plates EZXF13, which he then used as a getaway car after carrying out the killing. WSVN reported that Gary Wallock was a Jamaican national who had been in the US only a short period of time. He is survived by a young daughter.

Police are still trying to pin down a motive behind what Lt Solowsky described to CBS Miami as a ‘cold, calculated homicide.’

Investigators in Florida have contacted their counterparts in Jamaica hoping to obtain additional information on Wallock, whom the lieutenant called a ‘good guy.’

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