*Warning* Graphic: Dude Shows Video And Photos After Being Physically Abused By His Ex-Girlfriend! (No Volume First 22 Sec of Video)

**Back Story**

For about 2 years I been dealing with a very hurt and unstable woman. I met her during the time of her mom dying. I automatically wanted to be someone to help her thru the darkest time of her life. I got emotionally attracted to loving and caring for her that I forgot to care about myself. I had so many signs that she was crazy and I needed to walk away but the love I had for her was so strong. I didn’t wanna fail her. I’m not the perfect man but I don’t deserve to loose my life or any of this. Her anger was uncontrollable. We had many fights and altercations to where it became violent. I wasn’t raised in a household that I seen my parents fight all the time. This was a complete shock for me. I done everything in my power to give the young lady love and things that she needs while dealing with her unstable mental. I understand that she was dealing with a lot and I couldn’t tell her how to feel about her mom dying. Also I know she lived a rough life. A broken woman is a dangerous thing to be with. It almost cost me my life. God was there with me thru it all. Justice is being served and Im not sure how I should feel about it. I just don’t want this to happen to someone else. I’m trynna force myself to understand that I shouldn’t just care about her but my life matters to. Im just speaking from experience that if ur in anything toxic and abusive leave the first time. Don’t wait because u might not be able to walk away the second time. Keep me in your prayers as I recover. Posted by Tado

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Uploaded on May 27th, 2021
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