WEDDING BRAWL: Two severely injured when Fremont wedding reception erupted in a brawl!

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A violent wedding brawl took place at a California wedding destination, outside of the Royal Palace. The 25-year-old bride, Manjeet Kaur, told reporters the fight began when intoxicated wedding crashers were infuriated when they were asked to leave. 70 besuited men were involved in this fight, leaving two victims in critical condition in the hospital. The argument started inside of the Royal Palace hotel in Fremont, where 700 guests attended. As the argument intensified, the men led the fight outside of the venue.

Ms. Kaur told reporters, “They were outsiders, a bunch of boys my husband and I did not know, who found out about the party and were harassing the girls, so somebody kicked them out. They were really pissed off for being asked to leave, so when the party was over, they jumped some of the guests outside and started fighting.”

The wedding photographer, Raj Singh, stated the fight lasted for approximately 20 minutes before authorities arrived at the scene. The photographer set up his equipment around 4 pm on Saturday afternoon as guests were arriving. However, shortly after midnight when nearly 200 guests remained at the event, the brawl began.

Once the authorities arrived people began to flee, stated Singh.

Officials said the security guards made an attempt to end the fight but were unsuccessful because they were overwhelmed. Eventually, 20 officers gained control of the situation.
The owner and manager of the hotel told reporters that there were a number of security guards who were supposed to be present that night but called out of their shifts. Either way, there are usually about six or seven security guards that would have been at the event, at one time. They would have struggled to end the fight too.

One of the victims in critical condition–Daljit Gill, remains in a coma suffering from ‘massive brain trauma’. The man who caused harm to Daljit Singh is 25-year-old Amritpal Singh. He was charged with felony battery.

The man who caused harm to Daljit Singh is 25-year-old Amritpal Singh. He was charged with felony battery. On Wednesday afternoon, at his arraignment, his bail was set at $100,000, and he was required to return to the courtroom in Fremont on Friday to enter a plea.

25-year-old Gurpreet Singh was initially arrested and then discharged on Tuesday after the District Attorney’s office inquired more information on his part in the fight. Officials said that both Amritpal and Gurpreet Singh left the scene in a white Maserati.

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