When You Get All Dressed Up Dor A Burglary But Just Can’t Break The Class!

A pair of wannabe burglars in Florida tried to break into a gas station, but the dumb duo was unable to even get inside the door thanks to a pane of impact-resistant glass.

Surveillance footage obtained from a Port St. Lucie gas station and released by police shows the two men confidently strolling up to the front of the store before using a metal implement to smash open a large window adjacent to the doors.

The first few swings shatter the glass and appear to make a small hole, but after several more wild swings – and a few shoulder checks – the robber realizes that there’s no getting inside. His accomplice appears to signal that it’s time to leave, but the frustrated man continues hammering the sturdy glass.

After trying for nearly a minute, the pair finally decides to leave, but not before one of the robbers throws a few flying kicks at the stubborn window hoping for a last-second miracle. It doesn’t come.

Police have yet to identify the culprits, whose humiliating robbery attempt cost the gas station owner roughly $6,000 in damages. Glass that strong doesn’t come cheap, it appears.

Uploaded on February 9th, 2017
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