Woman overdosed on opioids jolted awake from near death!

Orange county, Florida (NEWS6) When an unconscious woman was dropped off at the Orange County Jail Monday afternoon, deputies knew they had to act fast.

News 6 was filming as the woman laid on the stretcher with no pulse. Suddenly, she jolted up as first responders were loading her into an ambulance.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Corporal Bryan James administered Narcan, an emergency treatment used to counteract a drug overdose, to bring the woman back from the brink of death.

James said he was walking to his vehicle when a man pulled up screaming for someone to help a woman who was in his car. James said the woman was turning purple and her lips were pale — he knew she was overdosing.

I went to my patrol car and grabbed some Narcan, administered it to her through her nostrils,” James said.

But the ordeal wasn’t over.

“So we got her out of the car, we were able to give her CPR on the grass here on the ground. She totally flat-lined, we had no pulse,” James said. “We just kept with it, kept with the CPR. Eventually [the fire department] arrived, the Narcan finally kicked in … She made it. It was a good day in Orange County.”

Uploaded on July 13th, 2017
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