Your Thoughts?: Dad Is Upset The Teacher Recorded The Whole Class Eating Kona Ice Except His Son!

Backstory: My sons teacher decided to record her class having Kona Ice at Treadway this past week. Unfortunately, my boy didn’t have a Kona ice because we didn’t receive a paper slip from his teacher letting us know. But yet she sent a reminder on classdojo after hours the night before. From the 1st week she has had a hard time with our son and complaining that he hit her, and other kids which he never had a problem with his other school. He’s been in the treasure box numerous of times for good behavior but Friday the day everyone had Kona ice he had a horrible day and we received a book of why he can’t return until we have a conference with administrators. What adult or person in her right mind would record her whole class having Kona Ice and not pull the one that didn’t to the side who is obviously heart broken and ready to cry in the video! This was intentional and will be handled! We have a 2nd grader that I gave $4 for Kona Ice because she’s old enough to tell us which a 4year old won’t remember! Posted by Toma

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Uploaded on August 31st, 2022
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