A House Fire Melted 60% Of Her Body!

KANISHA was just four years old when her family home caught on fire, tragically taking two of her brothers’ lives. While Kanisha survived the accident, she sustained burns to 60% of her body. Speaking to Truly, she explained: “I also was burned down to the third layer of my skull, so I am able to grow my hair back. I lost an ear lobe and they had to take fingers from both hands as they were so badly burned.” For Kanisha, her life-changing injuries meant that she was subjected to cruel taunts in the playground. “Kids were mean, they were bullies. They would pull my wigs off. I was never called by my first name. I was called ‘the burned girl’ or ‘the girl with the lizard skin'”, she explained. The negative comments knocked Kanisha’s confidence and she admitted, “They made me feel like the world was a very cruel place. Because no matter how happy or how much I tried to boost myself up, when I went out into the world, people were still staring.” However, when Kanisha became a mum, her kids totally changed her perspective on her appearance. She explained: “When your own children are born, they don’t notice your scars. They know mum just how she was. So I stopped paying attention to my scars after that.” In this episode of Shake My Beauty, we’ll hear about Kanisha’s journey and how accepting – and celebrating – how she looks, has totally transformed her life. Reflecting, Kanisha said: “You are you and that’s what makes you beautiful.”

Uploaded on September 14th, 2023
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