He Broke His Legs To Grow From 5ft 5″ To 6ft!

FOR DYNZELL SIGERS, becoming part of the 6ft club has changed every aspect of his life. “The world is a much different place now that I’m taller,” Dynzell said. “People smile at me everywhere I go. I’ve never had this kind of reaction from people before and I really enjoy it.” The 27-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, spent around $100,000 on limb lengthening surgery to “grow” from 5ft 5″ to 6ft after feeling unhappy about his height for his whole life. The costly and extremely painful operation involves cutting the thigh bones in each leg and inserting rods inside them. It also takes a long time to heal – the patient isn’t expected to regain their mobility until 6 to 12 months later. “I would personally not recommend it to just anyone,” Dynzell added. “This is something that takes a lot of mental fortitude because there were so many nights that I wanted to quit. So I say come as mentally strong as you can.” Today Dynzell is going on his first-ever date after the surgery. “I’m very excited for this opportunity to get out there and feel out this new version of me. Like see how he interacts with the world. See how he interacts on a date.”

Uploaded on August 21st, 2023
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